Club History

The Club was formed in 1975 by a small group of enthusiasts, some of whom are still members, I refer to Frank Seymour and Ian Houston. Sadly another member of the founding group Peter Richmond died with his boots on as it were, at the Spanhoe site in 1999.

Others in the early years were M Hannant, Paul Webb and Roy Swan and his brother. Due to indifferent flying sites the membership rarely went above 30, flying took place o­n what is now the Golden Wonder factory site, also another two sites on the Earlstree Estate and also a site close to the Municipal Tip off Princewood Road, the Club remained here for a considerable time until the growth of some trees and the expansion of the tip meant the Club had to look elsewhere. At this time another Club in the area was experiencing the same problem and was also looking for a site. The two Clubs decided to amalgamate and approach the local authority asking for assistance in trying to acquire a site, this produced the offer of a rather wet area in Deene Quarry on leasehold, but required a lot of work to prepare the land, after 3 years the Club unfortunately, had to withdraw to make way for Rockingham Raceway, this site was very popular due to its proximity to the town and the membership rose to near the 90 mark, the flying site closed in May 1999.

British Steel (Corus) came to the rescue of the Club with an offer to lease part of what was a runway on Spanhoe world war II airfield near Harringworth, here the Club has enjoyed a near perfect flying site since the summer of 1999. Our only restriction is that there is no flying before 0930 hrs on any day. Spanhoe also has a small full size aircraft site operating within its boundary with which the Club has a good and friendly relationship.